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World of the E-Man

Welcome to World of the E-Man! Looking for crazy adventures based on Nintendo video games? We got those! Looking for boys with powerful Star Rods, Duplighosts with party hats, and Octorocks? We got those too! Come on in and join the adventure! P.T.'s Part: As of late, I just joined the comic! Now you can experience all the weirdness/hilarity of my style: In Manga Mode! I just hope this doesn't go wrong... (Also, now that I'm part of this comic, one of the genres would be humor, but the other three were here first, but that's all right.) Plokman's Part: I've always wanted to see my characters in a hand drawn style so thanks to E-man I get the chance. Get ready for Plok, Ardy, and others in hand drawn art!

Erik "E-Man" Pegasus: E-Man is a boy who loves to go on adventures with all his friends. He possesses a powerful weapon known as the Almighty Star Rod that can do just about anything. (Read his bio on Lemmy's Land)

Octorock: Octorock is an octopus-like monster who is one of E-Man's friends. He has a wide variety of attacks and even knows the very powerful attack, Mega Rock. (Even though he supposed to be called Octorok, I like to refer to all Octoroks as Octorocks because of a typo I did awhile back. Read his bio on Lemmy's Land)

Doopliss: Doopliss is a crafty shape shifter that loves pulling pranks on people, but has a very strong friendship with E-Man. He has a way of making people his friends in an instant and even has a team known as Team Doopliss.

Kracko Rool: Kracko is a very evil cloud with an IQ of 250. He is the leader of Organization Krackus (originally the Kremling Krew), and he really loves RPGs. However, he can be very immature sometimes.

Toad: A mushroom head that loves to have fun and he's very good friends with Peach.

Exor: A giant sword that crashed into Peach's Castle.

Piranha Plant: A flower with teeth that lives in Forever Forest. He's the one that ate E-Man's Map.

Jr. of Doom: A Tourist from Lemmy's Land. He looks a lot like Bowser Jr. but he's in an egg.

Bob the Boo: A Boo that is good friends with Jr. of Doom. He knows his way around Forever Forest.

Dr. McNinja: A ninja who is also a doctor. Doopliss is a very big fan of him.

Mack: A knife-like robot that loves jumping.

Bowyer: A bow-like robot that talks like Yoda.

Yaridovich: A spear-like robot that is very powerful.

Peach Toadstool: The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and Bowser really like her.

Smithy: Leader of the Smithy Gang, and some say he looks like Santa. He broke the Star Road, but got killed. Somehow he's back.

Geno: Star spirit guy, protector of Star Road... In doll form. He's powerful and has an eternal grudge against Smithy.

P.T. Piranha: A crazy guy and a master of the Fist of the Nose Hair. He uses extremely unorthodox methods to fight and whatnot. For more information on his randomness, watch Bobobo. Other than that, he is Princess Daisy's brother, but their parents split and he lost the royalty (but didn't seem to notice/care/was too busy enjoying the toaster).

Coming soon: Mallow, Kairi, and Torpedo Ted.


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