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World of the E-Man

Welcome to World of the E-Man! Looking for crazy adventures based on Nintendo video games? We got those! Looking for boys with powerful Star Rods, Duplighosts with party hats, and Octorocks? We got those too! Come on in and join the adventure! P.T.'s Part: As of late, I just joined the comic! Now you can experience all the weirdness/hilarity of my style: In Manga Mode! I just hope this doesn't go wrong... (Also, now that I'm part of this comic, one of the genres would be humor, but the other three were here first, but that's all right.) Plokman's Part: I've always wanted to see my characters in a hand drawn style so thanks to E-man I get the chance. Get ready for Plok, Ardy, and others in hand drawn art!

My favorite web site! It's a very large Mario fan site.

The Haunted House
A web comic made by Todd the Boo. It's about Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi going on crazy adventures with Link, Kirby, and Shedinja.

Zelda Comic
The web comic that inspired me to make my own. It stars Link and his friends going on crazy adventures.

A very fun comic with video game characters going on crazy adventures.

Mt. Majesty
A fan site about video games. Supercomputer276 is the one who owns the site.

Rabite Season
A web comic made by Chris Sweet. It stars three video game rabbits going on that crazy adventure we call life.

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja
This is a web comic staring a doctor who is also a ninja.

A web comic that I USED to do with Crazy Koopa. It's about us going on crazy adventures with our friends... Until Crazy restarted the comic... Without me...

This silly comic is created by a guy by the name of pmier747 (he's one of the best in the biz by the way). If you want to read something funny based off of the Mario games, you came to the right place!


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